Frequently Asked Questions

What is Uptempo Academy?

The Uptempo Academy is the premiere Post-Grad Program located in Houston, Texas that prepares student athletes for the next level.

What is a Post-Grad Program?

A Post-Grad (Grad meaning Graduate) Program is designed for student-athletes who graduate high school and want to take up to 2 years to mentally and physically prepare for college basketball without losing any of their 4 year NCAA eligibility.

How Long Does the Program Last?

The Uptempo Academy starts the beginning of September and ends in April. Academic enrichment support and tutoring continues until the second week of May.

What are the Application Requirements?

​Student athletes must be high school graduates or GED equivalent and have played on their high school basketball team or on a recognized organized basketball team (AAU, league basketball, etc.). Out of state and international student athletes must submit a video to the Academy prior to applying.

What do we Offer?

The Uptempo Academy offers the following to all its student-athletes:  

  • Mental and physical preparation for collegiate basketball  
  • Compete against colleges and universities  
  • Experience playing collegiate basketball before becoming a collegiate basketball player   
  • Build upon your reputation as a basketball player  
  • A collegiate basketball environment which allows growth and development as a player  
  • Local and national exposure  
  • An opportunity to improve in all aspects as professional coaches and staff work with you to reach your top potential   
  • Increased opportunities to get recruited by colleges and professional teams   
  • ​A healthy environment for student-athletes to mature and be ready for the next level
  • Academic enrichment and support for college course success  
  • SAT/ACT Standardized test preparation  
  • NCAA Clearinghouse registration assistance​

Who do we Service?

We provide our services to high school graduates who want to invest time in training and developing before attending a college or university of their choice with aspirations in obtaining a basketball scholarship. High school graduates can be in state, out of state, or international students. Interested student athletes must fill out and complete the academy application, pay the $50 application fee, submit three letters of recommendation and participate in an in-person try out before being admitted. International students must submit a basketball video and a recommendation from a reputable basketball coach.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits for student-athletes attending The Uptempo Academy are abundant. Here are the Top Five :  

1. Academic and athletic collegiate experience before attending a 4-year college or university   

2. Professional coaches and staff with college experience and knowledge ready to develop student -athletes   

3. One-on-one academic enrichment  throughout the college transition process from start to finish   

4. Access to high quality facilities, academic tutoring and Standardized test  preparation  

5. Students athletes will be prepared and eligible once completing the Academy and be able to apply to a   

4 year college or university of their choice (overseas professional placement is also an available option)

How much does it cost?

The total cost of The Uptempo Academy is $10,000 for the entire season.